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Linden Expo
The Linden Chamber is in the process of preparing for another Linden Expo, which will be held over a three day period during the Linden Town Week. The Expo will be held on the 30th April ,1st & 2nd May at the Egbert Benjamin Conference Centre.  
     The first Linden Expo organized by the Chamber was held in 2009 following the retrenchment by BOSAI. The Chamber executives realized that money circulating in the community would be reduced significantly, and business will suffer accordingly. The Linden Expo was therefore created to expose goods produced/manufactured in the Region, to the very large number of persons visiting during Linden Town Week. The expectation was that the large number of visitors included business men/women who are always on the lookout for business opportunities.

This proved to be true, since most of the exhibitors made significant sales and had follow up orders from businesses in Georgetown and further afield.

The Linden Expo is being repeated mainly because of the exhibitors request for a repeat , which was made immediately after the end of the Linden Expo 2009.

Linden Expo 2010 is expected to be bigger and with a wider variety of products being on show, since exhibitors have also been invited from areas outside of Linden and overseas.

Chilling Out in Linden

Linden is busy re-establishing its historic reputation as the place for entertainment and a good night out where everyone is welcome to hanging-out and having a drink, most times more than one drink, with numerous bars, clubs, dives, hole-in-the-walls and even some night or daily spot where a couple can spend some time together without anyone ever having a clue! The most interesting are well known to many Lindeners and can be found on both sides of the river, incidentally Linden is the only town in Guyana divided by a river. There is a diversity and character to the bars and clubs in Linden, a feeling one experiences whenever there.