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Family A-Fair Programme
TimeStarting pointActivity
08h00Arrival; guarded parking arrangements for appr. 150 vehicles
Entry fees: children under 6 years:    Free entry
Others::                                      $300
Vehicles (reserved parking lot, guarded parking)
Ordinary vehicle                         $1,000
4x4/jeeps/bus <15 seats            $2,000 (with hanger: + $1,000)
Bus 15+ seats                            $3,000
All day  
 LandingBoat trips (minimum 4 passengers per trip)
“Golden beach”                                          $1,000 / person
Gluck Island (Victoria Regia water lily)         $1,500 / person
Long trip around Gluck Island                      $2,000 / person
Close to landingChildren’s Swing and see-saw (free)
 Decent soft rhythms as background music
EverywhereFood and drinks, relaxing at the picnic tables, liming
09h00 –7h00
Body rafting on cork boards in the Amacoushi Creek
Arawana Lodge
Guided nature walk (short trip): $300 per person
Guided nature walk (short trip) : $300 per person
Guided nature walk (long trip) :  $500 per person
Guided nature walk (long trip) :  $500 per person
10h00 – 1h30 BleacherChildren’s competitive Games (Part 1):
Butterfly catching, sack hopping, ring fishing,
13h00 – 14h30 BleacherChildren’s competitive Games (Part 2): Insect catching, lemon race, can shooting.1st prize: Free entry for own and one invited family during next “Family A-Fair”
15h00 – 17h00 BleacherKids dance party
After 17h00Free wheeling and departure starts
 Please, fill in the prepared feedback form at the gate so that we can benefit from your invaluable suggestions

Parents may go for boat tours and nature walks while leaving their kids in the hands of the “games conductors)