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Demerara River

The mighty Demerara River divides Linden into East and West Bank (Mackenzie and Wismar). The river stretch from the mouth (Georgetown) to Linden is usually left to the bauxite vessels transporting this mineral from Linden to all four corners of the world. We suggest that you try out the same trip with a nice boat and a powerful outboard engine.
Further South from Linden there are a number of cosy destinations worth being visited. Hire a boat in Linden with an experienced captain and off you go.

At Maria Elizabeth, there is a small landing just adjacent to the bar. Take a break, have a drink and stroll through the village. Continuing your journey you follow the meandering Demerara through lush green forests with beautiful Amerindian houses right and left of the River before you reach after another 60 minutes Butooba on the West Bank. Take a rest under the cashew nut tree and enjoy the amazing beach. Don’t miss to inform the Toshao (village leader) about your arrival; all visitors though highly welcome should respect this wish.
If you are well-prepared, then you brought your lunch and drinks along because Butooba does not offer (yet) a restaurant. If you have come with some more time you may ask for food to be prepared. While waiting take a swim or discover the environment. Villagers envisage cutting a nature trail for visitors. Three fish ponds with Tilapia are close by. Just opposite on the other side of the River and scenically located on a hill, a more than hundred years old wooden church oversees the Demerara’s narrowest bend which speeds up the river’s current at this very place.

Prime Locations

Butooba BeachButooba Beach with Church
You may further continue another 15 miles to reach Great Falls where only a handful of tourists “get lost” every year.
It’s a great experience though to witness this rapid which stretches over the whole breadth of the Demerara. Get out of the boat at the little landing and take a walk further up to see the rapids from close range.


Greatfalls!Great Falls
On your way back to Linden you may want to check out some of the hidden creeks giving a thrilling surrounding of mystery, wild life and calmness – absolute recreation.