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The Linden Museum

The "Linden Museum of Socio-Cultural Heritage" (the official name) is the fruit of tireless efforts of the "Region 10 Tourism Development Association" which over many years negotiated the access to the present location in the centre of Linden, convinced Lindeners and sponsors to support the idea, and finally used their own physical strength to get the Museum opened for the Linden Town Week in April 2006.
The Museum is just a stone's throw away from the mighty  Demerara river where vessels sail regularly to the Bauxite Plant to pick up their bauxite load and transport it to distant countries.The museum is housed in a building which itself  played a very important role in the life of residents in the mining town.

The building  known as the Recreation Hall was so named because in 1925 when it was built ,and for many years after ,it was  the only place where residents could go for recreational activities such as playing indoor games .It was also used as a dance-hall,a cinema and a general meeting place .     

You can't compare this museum with any other museum in Europe in terms of size and volume of artifacts, exhibits and documents. However, on quite a small surface the mining history of Linden becomes nicely tangible. You will meet a knowledgeable guide to lead you around in the air¬conditioned building. Glass display cabinets which houses,miniature trains and factory buildings give evidence of the hard job in the Bauxite mining industry which was - and still is - the major bread earner in Linden. .
The museum displays artifacts and photographs from as far back as the 18th century.It also displays journals and newspapers from those days ,which you can freely scroll  through without wearing plastic gowns or other protective measures.This is a real treat for historians and other visitors interested in the history of this corner of the world. Take a look at our little Museum Photo Gallery which gives a glance of the display.                                                                                                                        

Entry fees are Gy$100 (= US$ 0.50) for adults,Primary school children Gy$40,Secondary school children Gy$60

As a stranger to Linden and Region 10 looking for information and guidance, you should  visit this building in any case because the "Linden Office for Visitors" (LOV) is located in the same building.