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Gluck Island

Gluck Island is an uninhabited island off Rockstone in the Essequibo River. With its 8 x 3 miles (13 x 4 km) it is bigger than a couple of tiny Caribbean Islands which are considered to be independent states. It is situated at a distance of some 70 km from the Essequibo mouth.
Since 2005 efforts are underway to develop Gluck Island into an eco-tourist destination because of its wealth of birds, other animals and flora. The Victoria Regia Water Lily can be seen here blossoming with its more than 1 diameter giant leaves floating on lakes in a lush green environment. It is the nearest spot from Georgetown where you can observe this “natural phenomenon” in its original habitat. Scientist from Australia and Europe come to this part of world to study that plant.

Big caimans can be spotted in the night when you approach them on a small boat equipped with a battery and a spotlight. The caimans” eyes sparkle over a long distance so that you can surely identify them. Early in the morning it’s the best time to see the Giant Otters playing on the various sandbanks of the Essequibo River or at the shores of Gluck Island.

Gluck IslandGluck IslandGluck Island

About 200 species of birds |click here to download pdf| have been identified so far after only two short expert missions. Macaws, various species of parrots, herons and other rare species await you once you benefit from very earlier morning or later afternoon hours when the mobility of the birds is high. Trained tour guides will accompany you to the best places to spot them.
Other visitors prefer “hunting” the Red Howler Monkeys, the Long-Nosed Armadillo or the Giant Turtle with their cameras. Insect and butterfly specialist will find an extreme wealth of creatures which could not all be identified. Crucial trails have been marked enabling the visitors to safely tour the island.
Gluck Island is reached from Rockstone by boat. Although the island is just opposite (see picture) you have go a longer way to reach the trails; after approximately 20 minutes you reach one of the highest spot from where the trails start. The trip to the Water Lily ponds will last about 30 minutes in a simple but comfortable boat with life jackets provided. Plans are underway to have a permanent shelter / house on the island.

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