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Chilling Out in Linden

Linden is busy re-establishing its historic reputation as the place for entertainment and a good night out where everyone is welcome to hanging-out and having a drink, most times more than one drink, with numerous bars, clubs, dives, hole-in-the-walls and even some night or daily spot where a couple can spend some time together without anyone ever having a clue! The most interesting are well known to many Lindeners and can be found on both sides of the river, incidentally Linden is the only town in Guyana divided by a river. There is a diversity and character to the bars and clubs in Linden, a feeling one experiences whenever there.

The bars in Linden all have their own unique characteristics, want a heated and in-depth discussion on politics, then drop in at any hour of the day or early evening at “Parliament”, Hoppy’s on Republic Avenue, but be prepared for some hard talks if you choose to join in the discussion, all views are presented and they are all well represented. If you want cricket news and views stop by
Hercules, Chicken or any of the bars with TV in Mackenzie market, you will get more than “Crick-Info” website. Then there is football, basket-ball, volley-ball, table tennis and even chess at Collies in the arcade, all the boys are there. Staying in the town centre other good spots are the Guinness Bar on the corner of Manni Street and Republic Avenue, if you’re traveling Sugar’s and L & L Lounge either side of the bus park and there are some real cool spots in from the LEAP / Region 10 Business Centre.

However if you want to hear about anything and everything then get to Bushman’s Stop, David Rose Avenue, Retrieve, where everyone’s an expert. Open day and night, for diversity at its maximum, politics, current affairs, social commentary, vehicle maintenance, economics, a good place to check the commercial price index! Next along the road is Five Corners, never closes, open 24/7/365 (or 380 given the opportunity!!).

On the way to Amelia’s Ward call into Lenny’s, look out for the water tower, where Friday and Saturday night Souse is a winner. In South Amelia’s Ward is the Crease especially for those who think they have a singing voice; the Crease took the place of Millie’s Hide Out, closed some years ago. This is a nice quite spot to chill out during the day, becoming a popular Karaoke venue in the evening. There are number of hang- out spots recently opened in the rapidly expanding Amelia’s Ward residential estate that makes an interesting tour of itself. Library Three in Rainbow City puts on a variety of entertainments at the weekend, popular among Lindeners for a number of years. Then of course, in the Industrial Area, is the famous Crimson Bat, Discotheque, Bar and Hotel. This establishment long popular with out-of-towners has recently been transformed undergoing a full refurbishment and re-modeling. There is also Summit Hotel and Bar another drink and getaway spot in this locality.

Barrow’s Restaurant and Lounge offers style and sophistication where the Terrace Bar has become extremely popular with an ever changing week-long schedule of theme nights, entertainments and shows. Along with Star Bonnet Hotel, they are Linden’s most famous places for dining-out in comfort. Barrows offers the most exclusive and well stocked bar in Linden equal to any international restaurant or hotel bar you may have visited. Star Bonnet is well known for its exotic local wild meat dishes.

Exploring out of town on the mine road following the Demerara River, first stop at Nothinghamshire is Diane’s Bar, you really must try to visit this little riverain village, the barbeque parties here are great. A little further on in Old England is Virgie’s Bar just off the road with one of the prettiest views of the river. Continue all the way into Coomacka taking in some of the fascinating mines landscapes where fortification is found at Josephine’s overlooking the sports ground and at Adams along the train line.

For a good game of billiards head off to the Mackenzie Sports Club or Supervisors Club in the centre of town, for a couple of beers, a quarter, a game of dominoes and loads of noise! Mackenzie Sports club is also the main event venue for Linden. G’s Pool Hall in Determa Street, is well set out with some of the best looking pools players in town, this is where the lads and lassies challenge each other with the cue, G’s is actively promoting women’s pools and has a big tournament during Linden Town Week, you too can join in the competition if you’re around, (but be warned I may be playing).

If you are a Lindener or a visitor and haven’t been to Constab do so now, once my local located in the Constabulary compound. Constab is steeped in local history; it was here that all the parties, excursions, visiting bands and dances were held. Noted for its service and cool atmosphere it maintains a touch of old world charm and distinction.

From the Disco into the Church

Ice Rock Guyana’s newest and truly international style discotheque is the latest addition to the thriving entertainment scene and nightlife in Linden. When you leave at eight o’clock on Sunday morning you step across the street to Church’s Chicken for breakfast.

Nostalgia hits when in Wismar, old Lindeners will remember places like Harbour Light, Black Moses, Lester Bird Palace, Dobbins (who passed on recently), the Wizz Club 7, Moonglow, Cats’ Whiskers now called Capital Hill in Wismar Housing Scheme, which is now the most popular disco on Friday nights, the others are all gone now but their history lives on. New clubs have filled the gaps such as New Deli’s Disco and Black Face in Half Mile, Four Corners at the Half Mile / One Mile junction, Big Red in One Mile, Blinking in Block 22. There are also Jean’s, Marlene’s, Corbin’s (don’t know if there is any relationship?), and Millennium 2000. In the valley are Yvonne’s and Vibert’s, Billy’s in Sunflower Street, Shelly’s in Second Alley and Black Tulip in Blueberry Hill. For Wismar pools enthusiasts it has to be Al-De-Bar overlooking the river at Silver City.

Any visitor to Linden really should try to take time out to experience some of this entertaining character and flavor of Linden for a taste of the warmth and sincerity that Lindeners have for their community and love to share with others. Trust me chilling out in Linden is simply wonderful!

No matter which of the very many watering holes you decide to check out whilst in Linden please remember to keep the designated driver topped up with orange juice while you save the good stuff for yourself – Cheers.

Contributed by Marvin Burns