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Fish Festival

Fish Festival 2008The annual Fish Festival began in September of 2006 in the small fishing village “Rockstone” located on the western bank of the Essequibo River (The country's longest river, it rises in the Serra Acaraí, near the southern frontier with Brazil, and flows north for 1,010 km (630 mi) to the Atlantic Ocean, near Georgetown, where it forms a wide estuary), this event attracts approximately 1200 visitors both local and oversees; with just a few attraction available. The following year there was a great improvement in both visitors and events, the visitors attendance raised tremendously with many fishing enthusiast entering the fishing competitions. This runs within a 2 kilometers length of the Essequibo River with the centre attraction being Rockstone. Amateur fishing was done on the bank of the river and nearby creek.  

Fish Festival - Get Ready for Fish Festival 2008Fish Festival - Get Ready for Fish Festival 2008Fish Festival - Get Ready for Fish Festival 2008

Registration for the competition usually starts at 05:00hrs, boats are available to take fishermen/women out to their favorite fishing spot; within the assigned jurisdictions and return for them at the conclusion of the competition at 15:00hrs, where all the participants will bring in their days catch and present them to representatives of the organizing committee which will be placed in the various categories to be judged. While the fish catching competition is taking place other activities are ongoing on land like fish cooking contest, fish de-boning competition, viewing of the winning entries from the Drawing and Essay competition that was held throughout schools in Region 10, display and sales of aquarium fishes and exhibition of fishing gears, supplies and equipments.

The schedule date for this year Fish Festival will be on the 25th and 26th of October, this 2 days of events was a result of request by visitors through our suggestion booth that was available in 2007, fishing guides will be on hand to direct visitors to good fishing grounds. Fishing rods and bait will also be available for sale. Families with children are encouraged to come out and have an enjoyable time.  Activities for children have been arranged. Visitors could also take a relaxing boat ride along the river, or just lay back relax and enjoy the activities around you. Food, drinks and fresh fish will be on sale.
Visitors are encouraged to travel to Linden one day before the festival in order to take advantage of the early start of the competition, transportation arrangement will be in placed for persons who do not have access to their personal vehicle, which leave Linden at 04:00hrs, as for accommodations many Hotels, Guess\t House and Bed & Breakfast facilities are available at reasonable cost starting from GYD$3,000 (US$15.00) per room.