Rockstone is just 14 miles (22 km) away from Linden. You follow the road to Brazil for about 11 km before branching off to Rockstone; a lovely little signboard will show you the way to Rockstone at that junction. The “Rockstone Arawana Lodge” is only the beginning to make sure that tourists stay over night on this Essequibo shore (unless you prefer camping; in this case we can offer several spots at the landing). There are plans to establish eco cabins for families and/or another lodge made exclusively from the material available locally.

The “Arawana Lodge” does not correspond to ecological requirements: it’s a stilted house using zinc sheets for the roofing. However, local wood species have been used for the construction and rain water is collected from the roof to supply you with enough water to take your shower.

Rockstone signageArawana LodgeRockstone People going for boat ride...

Our immediate surrounding is simply beautiful with a great number of birds, animals and forests. We have prepared three nature walks you can visit with our tour guides (trained at the IWOKRAMA Tourist Resort). We offer interesting destinations you can reach by boat; experienced captains are at your disposal to carry you to some rapids close by, to Gluck Island (just opposite), the beach (if the waters are low enough!) or to near-by lakes where you could see (most probably) the Aropaima, the biggest sweet water fish in the world. Hence, there are plenty of options, and we are preparing for more: kayak tours, mountain bike tours, test our canoes (we are currently building canoes used by our forefathers!), and you have the option to catch butterflies or insects (don’t worry, we will provide the equipment!).
We, the Rockstone Tourism Association, are progressing in our desire to make Rockstone a tourism destination and to provide income opportunities for our citizens because our village was always a point for trespassers and fortune-seekers until two families settles here in the Fifties. We are not yet ready to receive larger masses of tourists. We are not willing to compromise on ecological issues. Rockstone must become a zone of ecological balance where hunting and logging operations are banned. Your visit will assist us in having our voices better heard by the authorities. We welcome you to Rockstone!