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Guided Town Tours

Our experienced guide and “old” Lindener Mr. Kenneth W. Simmons awaits you to show you around. You will not only visit Linden’s historic symbol, the water wheel, but many other corners of Linden. Have a closer look at typical miners’ houses, new housing schemes, the museum, mined-out areas with scope for re-vegetation (very interesting from an ecological point of view!) such as te “Blue Lake”, and the Linden City Centre to mention just a few. Mr. Simmons offers a short- (2-3 hours) and a longer city tour (4-5 hours). Upon your wish an excellent lunch of your choice can be provided.
Even if you are an ecological freak, don’t miss to see the bauxite mine in operation; we should not forget that bauxite is the base for aluminum and a number of other products which we would not like to miss in the modern world.

And it must be extracted from somewhere! The mine visit is an option and not part of the ordinary tour routine. It is quite close so that – depending on your available time – this destination may be integrated into the package.

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Some tours go beyond Linden and include Rockstone and Gluck Island as the major eco tourist destinations in our province. We are sure you will enjoy it! This tour could be an ideal check for you before deciding whether you are going to stay a couple of days in that area.