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Fishing Tours

Members of our “Region 10 Tourism Development Association” offer fishing tours on the Essequibo and the Demerara Rivers.
Smaller boats of up to 6 passengers can be hired at Rockstone to try your luck in these fish-rich waters. Experienced captains will navigate you through the waters with rocks and sand banks sometimes only a few centimeters below the surface. You may be lucky ad see caimans or giant otters during the boat tours. We will arrange for your trip from Linden to Rockstone.
Tourists interested in witnessing Aquarium fish catching will also have an opportunity to go out on the mighty Essequibo.

Give us a two days notice so that we can properly arrange with the fishermen. You will be an integrated member of the fishermen’s (and women’s) crew sharing their hopes for a good catch. These aquarium fishes usually go for export. Aquarium fish catching is still one of the major income sources for Rockstonians.

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Brian Murray Fishing Tours offers professional fishing tours in larger boats on both rivers. The boat and a powerful engine will be transported wherever you wish and where there is the best scope for a good catch (depending on the season, the tides, the rainfalls down south and a number of other factors). Brian is so much experienced that a good catch is almost guaranteed. Give us a call or send us an email at latest two days prior to your arrival so that we can arrange the trip for you. And don’t forget to let us also take care of the fish barbecue as soon as you step on land again. The captains will tell you about the most tasteful fishes for direct fresh consumption on the grill.
We would be happy to serve you!