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Linden Town Week

All visitors are welcome to join the residents as they enjoy a week of fun, folk music and colour.

The Linden Town Week is held during the last week in April in Linden, which is approximately 65 miles from Georgetown. During the period residents showcase their achievements, make known the Town's history and give recognition to its famous and respected residents.
There are displays, exhibitions and competitions of various kinds e.g. agricultural and local art and craft exhibitions, chainsaw competitions, beauty pageant and more.

Craft Exhibition at 2006 Linden Town Week!Art Exhibition at 2006 Linden Town Week!Craft Exhibition at 2006 Linden Town Week!

Historic Tours around Linden and nature tours for the field, to areas such as Gluck Island with more than 140 species of local and migrating birds, grand otters, black caimans and many other rare animals.

Visit Butooba beach by boat 20 miles down river where the visitor can swim and spend sometime relaxing with the villagers, or travel further down river to Great falls.

There is something for everyone to enjoy during that week.