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Eco Tourism

Eco tourism in the “Upper Demerara – Upper Berbice Region” has just started. Visitors will experience beautiful landscapes and destinations which are not overcrowded or commercialized. Gluck Island off Rockstone in the Essequibo River has recently been discovered as a birders’ paradise where close to 200 exotic species can be seen. One pond with the giant Victoria Regia water lily is right on the island and can be easily reached by boat. A visitors’ platform right on the edge of the pond gives you the great opportunity to take excellent shots while the birds’ screams enchant the scene.
Rockstone being the base for all visits to Gluck Island is also developing into an eco destination as such. From the Rockstone gate you drive or walk half a mile under nice trees and bamboos on a little dam with the Amacoushi Creek meandering through the forest on your right, then later on the left before it feeds into the Essequibo when you reaching “landing area”. The landing is a huge open space where the “Rockstone Arawana Lodge” awaits the tourists at affordable rates (operation will start soon!). Nature walks, boat tours to various destinations (why no take a relaxing swim on the beach), birding, and strolling around in the lovely village of Rockstone will give you a taste of Guyana’s nature and life style.
Linden is the starting point for the exploration of the Demerara River. A few boat services are available to different destinations on the Demerara River. When you’ve left behind the dusty clouds emitted by large kilns of the bauxite mine (most Lindeners depend in one way or another on the mine as greatest employer in the area) you enter another world. The Demerara meanders down south with a number of hidden creeks, lush green forests on both sides bringing you swiftly to Butooba. You can’t be more relaxed while taking a sun bath at the beach, dipping your feet (or the whole body! You can have a nice swim!) into the dark waters of the Demerara River or enjoying your lunch.